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Yes, it's true.

   Millers Organic Farm now has expanded their dairy, milking their own Water Buffalo using grass-fed organic standards, producing milk and yogurt now and hopefully two kinds of cheese available by January.

   Compare with cow's milk, water buffalo milk is pure white, smoother, thicker and tastier; it contains less water and more solids. Simply Mother Nature at its best!!

  • Water buffalo milk is significantly lower in cholesterol and higher in calcium than cows milk.
  • Water buffalo milk has 58% more calcium, 40% more protein, 43% less cholesterol than cows milk.
  • Water buffalo milk is a totally natural product that can  be consumed like any other milk.
   Time and time again participants at Taste and Talks choose water buffalo milk. They just love the taste !

   An unfortune sign of the times is the growing  number of people who suffer from the milk allergy. Fortunately, this is not the case with buffalo milk which is suitable for many that suffer from milk allergies.

   Indulge in the latest American nutrition drink, try it and find out for yourself, please share your experience.


Cow Mil (per 100 ml)66 Cal3.9 gr fat3.2 gr protein
Water Buffalo (per 100 ml)110 Cal8.0 gr fat4.5 gr protein

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