INVENTORY Whole Turkey Organic Pastured (NON-Soy)

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Note: Turkeys arrive frozen. 

These pastured turkeys are free-roaming and enjoy natural sunlight and disease free living conditions!

Weight range is 10-17 pounds ($4.75 p/lb).

What do the Turkeys eat?
They get to forage naturally for their typical diet of insects, worms, seeds, and plants. In addition, they are given healthy food scraps/leftovers from the farmer's kitchen (which they love!), and a mineral supplement feed.

Mineral Supplement Feed Ingredients: Araganite (minerals), cracked corn (organic non-GMO), crab-meal, fish-meal, peanut meal, poultry nutri-balancer, and wheat.

NON-SOY Fed Turkeys
These pastured turkeys eat their typical natural outdoor diet, plus the Mineral Supplement Feed, but they are not given any soy meal. This is ideal for those individuals who have extreme sensitivity to soy foods. 

Regular Turkeys are fed some NON-GMO soy
These turkeys are fed some soy along with their regular natural feed listed above, but the soy and corn is NOT Genetically Modified (GMO) and is considered "natural chemical free feed".

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