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Cows - Millers Organic Farm

Cows and Beef

The cows dairy is raw and from mostly Jersey cows that are fed no grain, strictly grass and hay fed, as well as a free choice smorgasbord of minerals to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

We are in the process of slowly converting our herds to the better heritage A-2 breed which confirms the protein level in the raw milk. We have several other local farmers helping us supply the demand of fresh cow milk and cream of which we all share the same conscientious grain-free down-to-earth standards.

The beef cattle too are strictly grain-free, mostly Red Devon and Angus crossbreeds. We now carry beef hotdogs, beef bologna, beef glands and beef jerky.

Sheeps - Millers Organic Farm

Goats & Sheep

All of our goat and sheep dairy and cheeses are raw and mostly grass-fed.

We don’t have our own goat and sheep dairy on our farm but the farms that help us out are local and practice the same natural farming methods. The same goes with our lamb and mutton.


Yes, we are milking our own camels and providing raw milk as a valuable natural medicine for autism, diabetes, intestinal health and immunity.


Consists of chicken, turkey, smoked turkey, duck and goose.

We are happy to say we can provide all our poultry as free-range, GMO-free, soy-free and during the warm summer months also insects which is a great source of protein for any poultry as they scratch and peck in the pastures of their natural habitat.

We only have soy-free chicken and duck eggs.

Poultry - Millers Organic Farm


We try to keep veal in stock, but the cost of growing a fat veal is quite expensive due to the amount of milk they consume, therefore we might be out of stock at times and may substitute for beef unless you specify “no substitution”.


Coming from Alaska we carry wild salmon and Icelandic haddock.

Porks - Millers Organic Farm


Our hogs are fed a mostly milk-based ration of whey from cheese making, and oats soaked in skim milk and a bit of GMO-free corn. Some folks say our hogs eat a “cleaner” diet than most Americans!

The hams and bacons are cured, salted, and smoked without adding any sweeteners.


We bake bread with sourdough and soaked grains and also have sprouted spelt bread available. The muffins are gluten-free and also baked here at our farm as well as sprouted grain shoo-fly pie, angel food cake and gluten-free coconut cookies. We have spelt noodles and soaked spelt noodles.


Taste our healthy beverages: cabbage juice, kimchee juice, daikon radish juice, apple cider, grape juice, lemonade, ginger ale, kombucha, cranberry kombucha, and beet kvass. Sourdough kvass comes from Canada.

Healthy Oils

The Olive oil comes from the Chaffin Family Orchard and their century old olive trees. The cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil comes from the Philippines. We carry the full line of Green Pasture supplements such as coconut ghee, cod liver oil, butter oil and skate liver oil.


The maple syrup comes from Vermont and processed with natural procedures. Raw honey is collected locally and we also carry the brand Really Raw Honey from Maryland.

Crispy Nuts - Millers Organic Farm

Crispy Nuts

The nuts are prepared as recommended by the Weston A Price Foundation for better digestion. We buy all the nuts raw and then soak them 12 hours to remove phytates and enzyme inhibitors. We are not always able to buy domestic raw nut, therefore we do use imported raw nuts for the cashews, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts and macadamia nuts. The almond butter and cashew butter is also made locally with soaked nuts. The soaked granola cereal has raisins and almonds.

Cultured Veggies - Millers Organic Farm

Fermented Veggies

Most of the produce is grown locally here in Lancaster County, PA and always chemical-free, processed here on the Miller farm. We always use only Celtic Sea Salt and only use the apple cider vinegar. Fermented veggies are excellent for digestive health of the entire meal.

Organic Potato Chips - Millers Organic Farm


Try these delicious items such as sweet potato chips and the Amos brand potato chips made from our own pork lard and local chemical-free potatoes. We also have a local cheaper Zerbe brand chips made with conventional lard and potatoes. Egg custard, ghee, mayonnaise, honey mustard, salsa, pumpkin and zucchini bread are more of the items that we prepare here at the Miller farm.

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We hope you will find this information helpful and look forward to providing you with good healthy nutritious food. We also welcome you to visit the farm when you are in the area, and trust you will call us at (717) 556-0672 with any further questions or when you want to place an order.

Thank you for your support here at Miller Organic Farm.

Amos B. Miller
Miller’s Organic Farm