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Private Club Membership

A message to members from the Farmer, Amos Miller:

Back in the year of 2000, farmer Amos Miller and his dad attended a conference where Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A Price Foundation, gave an excellent speech on the importance of eating healthy food which was the start of where we are today.

We enjoy good ol’ farming the natural way !

About Shipping.

Dairy milk, Cream butter

Here at the Miller Farm, we are equipped to successfully ship perishable commodities using FedEx. However, keep in mind that FedEx will not guarantee compensation of perishable items in the event that spoilage should occur during transit because of delays.

Because of this, we like to allow an extra day for delivery without the order being stuck at a FedEx terminal on the weekend, therefore we like to ship most orders at the beginning of the week, using insulated boxes with ice packs accordingly.

It’s nice if you can place your order one day before you expect us to ship to avoid a “rush order fee”, this also allows us better management of fresh dairy and meats availability.

We hope you, as a member of the private club, can enjoy our large selection of fresh, raw dairy, meats, fermented veggies, breads, treats and beverages.

Terms and Conditions.

As a new potential customer, we will need you to sign a Private Membership Contract and pay a $35.00 membership fee mailed to the farm. We then call you to welcome you to the private club and at that time we can take your first food order. Fed Ex orders are shipped with an invoice inside the box as we don’t take credit cards, but we do ask that you mail us the payment which is due upon receipt.

We remain focused on building healthy soil to provide healthy livestock which in return can maintain healthy diets for humans. That is why we believe in farming without using any hormone enhancers, pesticides and/or chemicals.

All our products are produced with a down-to-earth natural approach and are antibiotic-free, GMO-free and soy-free.

Visit Us.

We hope you will find this information helpful and look forward to providing you with good healthy nutritious food. We also welcome you to visit the farm when you are in the area, and trust you will call us at (717) 556-0672 with any further questions or when you want to place an order.

Thank you for your support here at Miller Organic Farm.

Amos B. Miller
Miller’s Organic Farm