Conscious Eating for Healthy Living

In the search for wellness and a successful life, we cannot stress enough the importance of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Think about it: your body, mind and spirit are part of a delicate, interconnected system. If one fails, the other two are bound to crumble. What happens to your body will inevitably affect your state of mind and your spirit will certainly become restless if you’re not physically well. Becoming conscious of what you eat and learning the best way to nourish your body will go a long way in helping restore and maintain the balance you seek in your life.

Start by listening to your body. Mother Nature is wise. Your body knows what it needs at any given time and it is your job to listen and provide for it in the best way possible. If you’re craving sweets, perhaps your body needs that energy boost, but don’t just go and feed it the first processed treat you can find. Take the time and invest in your wellness. Put together a nice, healthy snack that will not only be delicious but also truly nutritious and worthwhile. What’s best, it will not burden you with a sense of guilt afterwards.


Make your wellness a priority. We tend to put so much before our own wellness: work, responsibilities, studies, friends, even family. But what we don’t realize is that taking care of ourselves first is the only way we’ll be able to give back to others. What good will you be to your boss, your teacher, your partner, your friends or your kids if you’re falling apart physically and emotionally? Take a break, do something for you. This goes beyond what you eat, but your choice of diet is certainly a big part of it. Eat well, eat healthy, you deserve it.

Become aware, ignorance can’t be an excuse. There’s so much information at your disposal today. Check the internet for reliable sources: doctors, real life testimonies, success stories. Talk to your friends who have already started making better choices to improve the way they eat and the way they treat themselves. The first step towards embracing a new lifestyle in becoming informed. Information will lead to awareness and once you’re aware of what your body needs and what you can do to get it, it will be a lot easier to make good, conscious choices because you’ll know you’re doing what’s best.

loveurbodConscious choices, healthier diet. A lot of what makes up a good healthy diet is the way we choose our ingredients. It will never be about starving or depriving yourself. It is a simple matter of replacing unhealthy options with healthier ones, and good-enough option with even better ones. Choose alternative oils like coconut or avocado oil for your dressing and baking recipes, ditch processed sweeteners and try stevia instead or other natural, organic options (a tip: fruit juice doesn’t even need added sugar!) The bottom line is that there’s always a better choice of ingredients and if you go that extra mile to find what’s best, it’ll make all the difference in your overall diet.

Be creative, healthy does not equal plain. I don’t know who started this false notion that a healthy diet means you’ll never be happy again, always looking over at what other people are having for lunch wishing it was you. This couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, you might have to say no a few times but you’ll be surprised at the myriad of choices and amazingly delicious recipes at your disposal. Colorful breakfasts that will boost up your energy? You got it. Tasty dishes that are mouthwatering just to look at? Got that, too. How about yummy snacks and desserts to cater to that sweet tooth? Oh, we definitely got those, too. Just dig a little bit, get good ingredients and experiment with new meal ideas. Inspire others to seek a healthier, more conscious diet when they see the delicious meals you indulge in and the glow that will shine through you from within.


Healthier skin, stronger hair, good circulation, more energy, regular digestion… these are only some of the many benefits that come from choosing a conscious diet. But the most important of them all is the overall wellness you’ll start to experience as a result of being intimately connected to your body, to the world and the people around you, and investing in your mental health and joyfulness of spirit. Happy eating!

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