Dear Members, We NEED Your Help NOW !
For update on legal issues regarding Miller’s Organic Farm and USDA lawsuit, please read to the end.

Message from Our Farmer:

This is something that I wish wouldn’t need to be discussed, but I feel if we don’t have our members support, we wouldn’t stand a chance to exercise our private rights of freedom of choice to buy direct off the farm nutrient-dense foods. We here at the farm were overwhelmed, but very delighted, in your response of our member survey of how we should handle the legal issues we are in.

Almost all members would like to have #4 as an option. Follow these links to read your fellow member comments (names have been deleted to protect member privacy):

Some mornings we wake up and think why do we continue with what we are doing, but you have left us some very inspiring comments. Thank you to all who participated. This has encouraged us to continue our mission.

On Thursday, June 13th, there was a pretrial hearing with Judge Smith in Easton, PA, which USDA has attended and which some of us did over the phone to save us approximately 4 hours of traveling time to and from the courthouse. The judge has asked both parties if we think it would be worthwhile to have a settlement conference before with Magistrate Judge Marilyn Heffley in Philadelphia. We both agreed there could be a possibility. On approx. June 18 we got a letter from the court with a date of July 18 in Philadelphia for the settlement conference, and after reading the full letter, in there it stated “Please notify the court if settlement is not a real possibility”.

I had to think about this. I made a few phone calls to see if there could be a chance. I had a conversation with USDA/FSIS Director Troy Hambright for a while and the opinion I got from him is that we have to follow all their rules otherwise we will be in violation. No exceptions.

We did talk about the citric acid solution which seems to be most commonly used in USDA inspected plants. We have a few team members on duty to look at USDA requirement rules and regulations and they are not comfortable with what USDA/FSIS calls safe or that we can call safe at all due to our very chemical sensitive members.

How can we by any way come to a settlement at the next hearing? Click on the highlighted report names for more information. FSIS directive & also Elsevier Toxicology Report for more information on citric acid, etc. We here at Miller’s Organic Farm don’t want to be just ignorant to their rules or keep them from trespassing on our farm, but we first have to come to an agreement that we can have non-acid free meats available and have all our special glands, etc. available to our members that they call these medicinal foods. The question is, how can they prohibit us from having these very much needed special foods for our overall well-being?

The good news is we have team members researching options on how to exercise our freedom of choice of chemical-free, nutrient-dense foods. We also have a few licensed attorneys coming on board to give us ideas how to handle this situation. Both of them have a great passion for fresh foods right off the farm and have handled various cases on helping farmers with legal advice.

Many of our members have asked how they can help and we greatly appreciate that offer. Making a donation to the farm to help cover some of our legal issues would be very helpful. We want to do our very best to only make wise choices so your donation gets used wisely. The time may come where we might need some of your voices heard at court of why you would need to have access to nutrient-dense foods. We will let you know if the time comes. To make a donation, feel free to send direct to the farm, payable to Miller’s Organic Farm (please specify "LEGAL DONATION") or you can also make payment online at:

Another option Miller’s Organic Farm is working on is getting our local Senator Pat Toomey and Congressman Lloyd Smucker involved in our situation to have more direct off-the-farm friendly regulations including private association agreements where we want to have access to non-chemical solutionized, non-GMO special medicine foods. We ask that you contact your local Senator and Congressman to encourage this type of food movement. We actually had them here for a noon meal and they seemed to be very sympathetic to our legal issues. We’ll see what happens.

We have come to realize that the only way to save our hard-working farmers and OUR HEALTHY FOODS is to legally challenge the government directly for its attempts to interfere with production of our nutrient-dense food and to gather private information about our food purchases. We can’t expect Amish farmers who are forbidden by their religious teachings from hiring lawyers or taking the legal offensive to effectively protect themselves or our private information.

PLEASE, donate NOW so we can mount the kind of tough legal challenge that is required to fend off these government assaults against our farmer. PLEASE STOP the Govt Push to Put Amos Miller Out of Business

We NEED Your Help NOW.

Let us unite in this incredible cause and start living a healthier life, one filled with more gratitude, natural products and conscious choices.

OUR choices!