Date: 2021-09-13

Date: 2021-08-05

Pertinent to Section 122 of the Judgment, the USDA orders the text below to be added to this website.

To the Members of Miller's Organic Farm:

Please be advised that the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has ruled that Miller's Organic Farm violated the Court's Injunction Order and Consent Decree. Accordingly, we will not provide fresh or newly slaughtered amenable meat, meat food products, poultry, and poultry products for sale or purchase unless and until Miller's Organic Farm liquidates its existing amenable, non-sehied, frozen meat and poultry inventory and complies with other requirements of this Order and other orders of the Court.

As part of those other orders, we are required to take a complete inventory of our current supply. Once we've completed that inventory, we will publish here for you those products that will be available for sale according to the Court's order. We are only permitted to sell these products to existing members of the Miller's Organic Farm's Private Membership Association. We are working diligently with the government to find some long-tenn solutions. However, we cannot move forward unless and until the existing inventory is liquidated. Thank you for your continued.

Date: 2021-07-27

Dear Members,

First of all, let's not forget to give thanks to God our Creator for all things good. In this life we will have trials and tribulations, but let's not forget that God will win and be with us to the end if we trust and believe in Him.

As many of our members are aware, there was a teleconference court hearing that took place on Monday, July 19th, with Judge Smith. Although the final ruling was not made that day, we just received a note the end of last week that the Judge ruled in favor of USDA. This will certainly be a difficult time for us here at the farm and very likely for you as a member of the farm. We will keep you posted with more details as to what may become of this situation.

From Amos Miller's Organic Farm & Staff

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You can download the judgment here.

To people who are willing to help, all members and prospective members of our private Association

Miller's Organic Farm ( is a century-old Amish family farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania - serving its Private Member Association. The farm raises its animals and other pure foods the way nature intended and we are proud to be entirely chemical, cruelty and GMO-free. The animals are born and raised without antibiotics or hormones and they spend their entire lives naturally and stress-free out on pasture. All of the farm’s food is traceable, pure, and grown on nutrient-dense soil, under traditional time-honored methods.

The farm is now under attack by the USDA about non-conforming practices, the practices which pre-date the USDA. They are suing the farm to comply with USDA laws, concerning the way the farm animals are processed and how our food is labeled. The farm and its members believe that we have the right to free assembly and the right to choose how our food is processed and consumed without the USDA dictating to the farm.

Our Farmer, Amos Miller, needs your help to preserve traditional farming the way God intended. In order to defend the way, the farm has produced its pure foods for more than 100 years to preserve this time-honored way of traditional farming practices.

Amos and his family know that how the food is grown, raised, and processed has a direct connection to the health of the people who consume it. We oppose cruelty in any shape or form. The farm’s focus is to grow real nutrient-dense, chemical-free foods, taking care that NO harm is done to neither the animals, the environment, or the people who consume our foods. We are what we eat and this is clearly an undeniable fact.

The ever-increasing environmental toxins from the overuse of synthetic chemicals make modern farming very questionable. The ethical part, consuming animal foods, leaves doubts in the minds of many. Members of our community have joined us because they have chemical sensitivities and only started to heal and thrive once they began consuming REAL nutrient-dense foods. They depend on our farm foods.

Our members trust our Amish farmer and his integrity is priceless.

Thank you!

You can donate here:

Date: 2020-02-13

You can download the document here.

Date: 2019-12-05

First, I want to thank our members for your continued support and also the support that you have given us in the past. Without that we would not be able to continue our mission to provide your needs with nutrient-dense foods. In the past few newsletters, my goal was to provide you with information where we are with the USDA/FSIS government inspection group. They were hoping that Federal Judge Edward Smith would grant them an injunction against Miller’s Organic Farm, meaning we would stop selling our meat without having a Federal license plant facility, meaning an inspector would have to be on site everyday that processing and packaging meat is taking place at the farm.

Applying for a federal license is an extreme burden on a small scale like we are here. The paperwork, HASSUP plans, etc. & equipment that are required you could say are brutal. If I’m not mistaken, a local federal plant just got set up a year ago had an approximate cost of 2 to $300,000, which is an extreme amount for a small-scale operation like we have here. The good news is that the ruling Judge Smith made on Nov. 12th is not requiring us to set up a federal license plant here at the farm. So, then USDA was hoping to get a ruling from the Judge for us to go to the local federal plant, but I expressed my concerns to the judge that they do not have the ability to keep special parts of the animals such as brains, etc. and also they don’t like the idea of processing meats without any solution, rinsed preservatives, which most of our members do not want because of preservative sensitive reactions that our members have. So, the good news again is the judge is not requiring us to do that either. He rather asked the USDA if they are willing to work with us on a custom exemption facility, which is what we have been negotiating with the USDA the past few months.

So far they weren’t willing to accommodate our needs, but at this time when the judge asked them, they did say “yes”. We’ll see how they’ll do on that. What custom exemption means is that our members would agree to own a share in our animals or flock of chickens, etc. Then we would supply you the service of processing and packaging the meat rather than selling the meat itself. The biggest conflict between us and USDA is that under their policy (remember this is their policy which to my understanding is not the law meaning they can change it to their own liking anytime they feel like it) is that if we do custom exemption for the members, they would need to buy the whole animal or half of carcass or a quarter beef, which to my understanding would not fit to many of our members budgets or even have enough freezer space beings some of our members live in apartment homes, etc. We feel that being that is just a policy, they could work with our members where our members can have a however uneven amount of shares in an animal.

By the way, Pete Kennedy, from the Weston Price Foundation has done some research regarding this matter and has found actual documents that another buying club has asked the USDA/FSIS if a buying club can own an animal and have it divided among the buying club members and guess what the answer was, Yes!! So, our goal is to get an exemption like that buying club had. The sad thing is, that there is also some very intense negative news that is coming with the court order that USDA has gotten the judge to enforce upon our farm.

According to the court order that the USDA has gotten from the judge appears to me is like the zoo keeper would say is USDA is coming like a roaring lion or the farmer would say a charging bull preying upon Miller’s Organic Farm. Although the judge acknowledged that he feels he doesn’t need to shut us down, that we have an important business in place where members are dependent on our foods and he also acknowledged that we do have a clean record, meaning nobody has filed a complaint regarding food quality which we are grateful for. But for some reason, USDA/FSIS has little to no respect regarding that.

In the meantime, until we are able to work out the details of the custom exemption, according to the court order, they are coming very likely with full force. In 60 days, which would be around the middle of January, they would have the right to seize all meat inventory or fine Miller’s Organic Farm for selling meat products. This is a great concern to us because we know how many of our members depend on our chemical-free, citric acid-free, preservative-free meats.

Many of our members have come to us as their meat supply for this reason. We feel it could be time for our members to take action to preserve their right to their food source to fill their needs. Quite a few of our members are battling with their health including children that have allergies, etc. The illnesses that we have among us do not seem to get less. Very likely it is because of the manufactured citric acid (see link attached for the preservatives that are allowed as safe under USDA code). They do not need to be on their federally approved food labels. If every food that we consume that day has just a tiny amount of preservation in it, by the end of the day, this can be amazing to our specially designed human bodies.

Are the food preservatives in our food supply causing so many illnesses? Your guess can be as good as mine. The body could go down hill quite fast with not having the right kind of fats, including special organs, etc. One of our members contacted a well-known, well-respected grass-fed meat processing facility to find out what they use for meat carcass rinsing or spraying solution. It was what most federal license plants use - the Citric Acid Procedure. They acknowledge that not only the carcass but also the organs, and bones, etc. are sprayed. This is one of many reasons why our members have become dependent on our food supply.

As you may well know, we have established a private membership association based on the 1st & 4th Amendment, where some people could think it has no value in protecting your food sources. Let me explain why I think it does have some value. As you may know, in the 1st Amendment we have the right to believe what we want such as freedom of religion, etc. How could this have any value in the food movement? Well, we believe that strong preservatives in our meats could be doing us more harm than good. Something is causing many illnesses in our generation.

As you may know, we have considered setting up our own federal licensed facility, but the costs, paperwork, etc. involved, and having an everyday inspector from the outside of our culture on the farm just didn’t fit our comfort zone.

Option 2 - we checked about having our animals taken to another federally inspected facility, but that didn’t fit our needs to supply your needs with special organs, etc. So now the time is coming where USDA is forcing us to discontinue our service to you in selling small portions of meat to those who cannot afford or have freezer space to store a quarter of beef which is approximately 100 pounds of meat & bones.

So, does this mean you will be forced to eat MCA (manufactured citric acid) meats? This could be an infringement on your 1st Amendment right. As a business or corporation, we could be another set of rules, but you as individuals can claim all those amendment rights. They have the same meaning today as they had the day they were written, which I am ever so grateful for, that our country has those valuable documents in place so we can sustain our lives and beliefs as we travel life’s journey. Very likely the time has come where we need to exercise them more. The claim that USDA/FSIS makes is that they are doing all this regulatory enforcement action to protect the public, but the time has come where individuals find it hard to believe with all the approved preservatives & GMO’s that are being allowed in the food supply. (see links for “Why GMO’s are not the answer” & “Lawsuit filed: Monsanto Roundup Kills Gut Bacteria”)

Is it any wonder why our members have signed our agreement? Just like the saying goes - Trust has to be earned. I do not want to make it sound like I’m all against government officials. Not at all! We do need government, but when they favor big corporations over individual’s freedom of choice to nutrient-dense foods, I do feel there is an issue at hand that the argument can be made on the 1st Amendment. Just because the foods have been approved by the USDA, does that mean it is safe? Very likely not with all the recalls that are taking place nowadays.

So, what issue do we have at hand here? Just like when an individual has a health issue and an extensive treatment needs to take place such as chemo treatments, etc., do they need a signature from the individual so they can move forward with the procedure? Why couldn’t we as individuals have the right to sign our signature to have access to what our beliefs are is nutrient-dense foods to sustain our health? Your prayers and your support are appreciated.

Many thanks to our members who made a generous donation to help cover our legal expenses. As of today, all attorney fees have been covered and no further funds are needed. We will keep you posted if more attorney fees occur. Thank you!

Date: 2019-07-16

Dear Members, We NEED Your Help NOW !
For update on legal issues regarding Miller’s Organic Farm and USDA lawsuit, please read to the end.

Message from Our Farmer:

This is something that I wish wouldn’t need to be discussed, but I feel if we don’t have our members support, we wouldn’t stand a chance to exercise our private rights of freedom of choice to buy direct off the farm nutrient-dense foods. We here at the farm were overwhelmed, but very delighted, in your response of our member survey of how we should handle the legal issues we are in.

Almost all members would like to have #4 as an option. Follow these links to read your fellow member comments (names have been deleted to protect member privacy):

Some mornings we wake up and think why do we continue with what we are doing, but you have left us some very inspiring comments. Thank you to all who participated. This has encouraged us to continue our mission.

On Thursday, June 13th, there was a pretrial hearing with Judge Smith in Easton, PA, which USDA has attended and which some of us did over the phone to save us approximately 4 hours of traveling time to and from the courthouse. The judge has asked both parties if we think it would be worthwhile to have a settlement conference before with Magistrate Judge Marilyn Heffley in Philadelphia. We both agreed there could be a possibility. On approx. June 18 we got a letter from the court with a date of July 18 in Philadelphia for the settlement conference, and after reading the full letter, in there it stated “Please notify the court if settlement is not a real possibility”.

I had to think about this. I made a few phone calls to see if there could be a chance. I had a conversation with USDA/FSIS Director Troy Hambright for a while and the opinion I got from him is that we have to follow all their rules otherwise we will be in violation. No exceptions.

We did talk about the citric acid solution which seems to be most commonly used in USDA inspected plants. We have a few team members on duty to look at USDA requirement rules and regulations and they are not comfortable with what USDA/FSIS calls safe or that we can call safe at all due to our very chemical sensitive members.

How can we by any way come to a settlement at the next hearing? Click on the highlighted report names for more information. FSIS directive & also Elsevier Toxicology Report for more information on citric acid, etc. We here at Miller’s Organic Farm don’t want to be just ignorant to their rules or keep them from trespassing on our farm, but we first have to come to an agreement that we can have non-acid free meats available and have all our special glands, etc. available to our members that they call these medicinal foods. The question is, how can they prohibit us from having these very much needed special foods for our overall well-being?

The good news is we have team members researching options on how to exercise our freedom of choice of chemical-free, nutrient-dense foods. We also have a few licensed attorneys coming on board to give us ideas how to handle this situation. Both of them have a great passion for fresh foods right off the farm and have handled various cases on helping farmers with legal advice.

Many of our members have asked how they can help and we greatly appreciate that offer. Making a donation to the farm to help cover some of our legal issues would be very helpful. We want to do our very best to only make wise choices so your donation gets used wisely. The time may come where we might need some of your voices heard at court of why you would need to have access to nutrient-dense foods. We will let you know if the time comes. To make a donation, feel free to send direct to the farm, payable to Miller’s Organic Farm (please specify "LEGAL DONATION") or you can also make payment online at:

Another option Miller’s Organic Farm is working on is getting our local Senator Pat Toomey and Congressman Lloyd Smucker involved in our situation to have more direct off-the-farm friendly regulations including private association agreements where we want to have access to non-chemical solutionized, non-GMO special medicine foods. We ask that you contact your local Senator and Congressman to encourage this type of food movement. We actually had them here for a noon meal and they seemed to be very sympathetic to our legal issues. We’ll see what happens.

We have come to realize that the only way to save our hard-working farmers and OUR HEALTHY FOODS is to legally challenge the government directly for its attempts to interfere with production of our nutrient-dense food and to gather private information about our food purchases. We can’t expect Amish farmers who are forbidden by their religious teachings from hiring lawyers or taking the legal offensive to effectively protect themselves or our private information.

PLEASE, donate NOW so we can mount the kind of tough legal challenge that is required to fend off these government assaults against our farmer. PLEASE STOP the Govt Push to Put Amos Miller Out of Business

We NEED Your Help NOW.

Let us unite in this incredible cause and start living a healthier life, one filled with more gratitude, natural products and conscious choices.

OUR choices!