A Note from the Farmer, Amos Miller

Thank you for your interest in our grass-fed farm-fresh foods. Our goal is to provide you with nutrient-dense foods that sustain your healthier lifestyle, so important for the future of our children.

In the year 2000, Dad (Jacob) and I (Amos) went on a local pasture walk where we met Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Jacob always had a passion for organic farming and after listening to Sally Fallon talks about the remarkable health benefits of fresh unprocessed dairy foods, he wanted to start providing them for his family and for others who wanted them. As of July 2009, the demand for true, fresh dairy food has practically exploded, and we remain focused on keeping our products wholesome and nutrient-dense.

Here on Amos Miller's Organic Farm, we have a herd of approximately fifty milking cows, along with some beef steers, all grass-fed (no grains or hormones used). Several nearby farms help us to fill the large demand for fresh dairy foods. We all remain very conscientious regarding the true organic practices required to produce the high-quality foods that our customers have come to expect from us.

We do not have our own goat dairy but are pleased to assure you that the local goat farmer, from whom we get our goat products, shares the same values that we do regarding organic practices. His goats are grazing during the summer months, are fed non-chemical corn, spelt, and minerals, and are not exposed to any chemicals or hormones, the same way with our new line of sheep dairy products.
The veal (calf meat) and pork are produced here at Miller’s Farm. The animals have access to an abundant supply of what they most love to eat, the calves love whole milk, the pigs love whey. Our pigs are also fed some organic grain and whole oats soaked in skim milk, making the grains more easily digested.
A new project for our farm in 2009 was to raise our own meat chickens without using any soy, feeding only organic ration and whole oats soaked in skim milk, in addition to the grass and insects the chickens eat in our chemical-free soil as they range the pasture.
We are happy to announce that this can be done successfully, a good source of protein without having to feed any soybeans. Therefore, we plan to have soy-free chicken meat available year-round, and hopefully soy-free turkey also by the end of 2010.
Our soy-free eggs and soup chickens are raised on the Miller farm where the chickens range the pasture, eating the grass and insects. These chickens are fed organic ration and whole oats soaked in skim milk, meat scraps, and bones – yummy! It’s what chickens love to eat.
My brother John has a few acres where he grows the produce that we ferment and process here. We use all organic methods to make the Spelt Noodles, Muffins, and Sourdough and Soaked Breads. The Mayonnaise and Ghee are also made here on our farm. Our neighbors, John and Emma make the Kombucha, Ginger Ale, and Crispy Nuts. The Sourdough Kvass comes from Canada. The microgreens are grown by a neighbor, chemical-free, and loaded with nutrients.
We are now making our own chips, known as the “Amos” brand, using our own potatoes and lard from our own hogs. We do still have the Zerbe brand chips at a cheaper price made from conventional potatoes but do use lard, unlike many other chip factories, using oils that tend to block the arteries. The Popcorn kernels are not produced on our farm, but we stock them because the Popcorn is grown open-pollinated, meaning that seeds have not been genetically modified and are not hybrids. It makes better corn.
Our honey collector is very cautious in processing raw unheated honey from deep in the wild woods where the combs are unlikely to have been exposed to chemicals or sprays, for bees do not do well in other than a natural habitat. The maple syrup comes from chemical-free trees in Vermont and is carefully gathered by folks who understand the importance of supplying pure maple syrup.
We welcome your visit, if you are in the area, and look forward to serving you. 
Yours for healthy eating,
Amos B. Miller
Miller’s Organic Farm