The Difference Between Regular, Organic, and Pastured Chicken and Eggs 

Did you know that pastured chickens contain up to 10x more Omega-3s and vitamins than conventional organic chickens? Just take a look at the difference in color of these eggs to clearly distinguish the far superior vitamin rich yolks of Pastured chicken eggs in contrast to organic and supermarket eggs. The darker the yolk, the more vitamin-rich the egg is!

The shocking truth is that you would need to eat 2-10x as many chickens or eggs from regular supermarkets OR conventional organic chickens to get the equivalent nutritional value as eating an organic pastured chicken from Miller's Farm. This makes the price tag of Miller's Eggs ($5.50 p/doz) a great deal!

Why are pastured chickens much more superior? It's all about how they are raised and what they eat. When you buy an "organic" chicken or "organic" eggs, it does not mean the hens were free to roam outdoors in sunshine their whole life, nor does it mean they ate the food nature intended (grasses, insects, worms, scraps, and a NON-vegetarian diet which boosts their vitamin content).
It's very important to find out HOW the chickens were raised. Read more about Miller's Farm chickens here.
Member Questions:

Q: Do I need to refrigerate the Miller's Farm eggs?

No, you do not! It is recommended that you store them at room temperature where they will stay fresh for 2-4 weeks. Saves space in your fridge :-)

Q: Is it true that eating RAW eggs is good for you? Isn't it dangerous?

Raw eggs are one of nature's best superfoods! They are quite rich in enzymes and delicate fat-soluable vitamins that are destroyed by heat. If you must heat your eggs, be sure to use very low heat and keep the yolk soft and liquidy to prevent damaging vitamins A, D, K2, choline, and DHA. (see Dr. Mercola's article on raw eggs)

As for safety, I would NOT consume raw supermarket eggs given the chickens are usually raised in cages with conditions that lead to disease. Yet, raw eggs are VERY safe when they are pasture eggs from small farm healthy chickens. Please read more about safety of raw eggs from small farms on Dr. Mercola's website.

Study: A Comparison Between Pastured Eggs vs. Supermarket Eggs

Here is an interesting article called "Meet Real Free Range Eggs" from the Mother Earth News website. They report that compared to supermarket eggs (from factory farms), real pastured eggs have:

5 times more vitamin D
2/3 more vitamin A
2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
3 times more vitamin E
7 times more beta carotene