"Spencer has been doing really well on the raw goat milk formula. He went from not on the charts at all, to 75% at 7 months old! (after being on the goat for 2 months. After 1 month of the formula he was at the 25%. He is a completely NEW BABY."

Kathryn B.

"Thank you for bringing these fantastic products to Miami and making it possible for us to enjoy the benefits of healthy, clean food. It has been a lifesaver for me!

I have just received my second round of test results from Sloan-Kettering….and I am completely cancer free!!!! All thanks to the wonderful Ximena Gonzalez and her recommendation of the Miller's Organic Farm and Miami's Healthy Food Club!!!!

My sister was told she has PCOS and would never conceive naturally – 4 months on this food….and she is pregnant! Even her Housekeeper feeds her family with the food from Amos’ farm now.

So many more people need to learn about the powers of food and to trust their bodies, rather than doctors and their drug prescriptions."

Niki A. in Miami, FL

"Out of the blue last year my son collapsed, vomiting blood. In the emergency department, as they worked to save his life, I found out he'd lost more than half his blood. That day I found out that he had more than 20 ulcers in his stomach. My beautiful 13 year old son, athletic, seemingly healthy and full of energy had a severely compromised immune system, probably caused by a parasitic infection that took hold while traveling. While the medical doctors saved his life, their pronouncements that everything was normal afterward was clearly not true. The continued abdominal pains, the dark circles under his eyes, the low weight - all these things made it crystal clear to me that my son was not well.

With the help of a holistic nutritional consultant and further testing, we found that his immune system was almost non-existent. We began an intense program of eating Miller's Organic Farm raw dairy, first colostrum, grass fed beef, free range eggs & chicken - and a number of other things to strengthen his immune system. Within just a couple of days his appetite returned and he no longer has pains in his stomach. The food tastes incredible - every bite bursts with freshness and flavor. I can't thank you enough for providing this service."

Maggie C. in Miami, FL

"I just had the MOST DELICIOUS glass of milk in a loooong time! WOW!!! What can I say??? I LOVE milk, but this is truly sinful! What a delicacy!"

Cristina D. Miami, FL

"I would like to let you know that we had the pleasure of visiting Amos, John, and his wife Becky this past week. We drove our RV to PA for a week and decided to visit Amos and to see firsthand where our food comes from and how it is produced.

I cannot say enough good things about meeting Amos (though he was busy) he had John show us around the whole farm and show us how things work.

His wife Becky was a delight to speak too also. They live a simple but FULL life and for that I am a little jealous lol.

It is amazing how clean and well run a business (farm) they run!! They had a wonderful garden going for their personal use and the landscaping was perfect. We made a purchase of several items while we were there and went by again later in the week before we left to take some milk and butter home with us.

We saw the girls packing the butter and the men making the butter and cheese…..what a great time we had in PA but especially at Amos Millers farm. Just wanted to let you know of our visit and wanted to thank you for all YOU do at MyHealthyFoodClub.com for our group and the troubles you go through to get us these fine foods!!


Luis E. Calama in Miami, FL

"We actually save money with your club because we eat a lot less and stay full ALOT longer. I lost 4lbs over this week doing NOTHING new..... Except for your food ;-)

Oh let me just add.... The Kefir is out of this world! It tastes like it has been shipped directly to me from a farm in mother Russia! I have spent years (no kidding!) trying to find this taste on this continent :-)"

Anna T. in Weston, FL