What Makes Holistic Nutrition Better?

In today’s day and age a lot of what we do has to do with what is trendy. A topic gets noticed and suddenly it’s all anyone talks about. But there’s much more to holistic nutrition than just a trend. It’s actually anything but a trend. Being holistic affects the way you make decisions every day. It means understanding that everything is part of a bigger whole, including us. As individuals, we are crucial to the balance and harmony of the world around us. The way we relate to it will directly affect our well-being. Why? Because we’re all interconnected.

Holistic nutrition is about respect, both for yourself and others. It is about consciously choosing what is best for your body and not just what is easier or most convenient. It takes effort, but the benefits to your health and overall wellness really do make it all worth it.

growthmandalaWe tend to think of food as a way to stop being hungry, a means to an end, when in reality food is an empowering source of healing for your body, an end in itself. That is why holistic nutrition goes beyond what you eat. It changes the way you eat and the reason why you eat. Every meal becomes an opportunity to connect to the world you are a part of.

The key to a holistic diet is conscious thinking. Your diet will be a result of every decision you make regarding your food. Before buying something to put it in your body, ask yourself: Is this feeding my body what it needs to heal and be strong? Is it honoring my role as part of the bigger picture? It may sound like a tiring process, but it is actually liberating to acknowledge you are part of a system that complements itself perfectly. It means that you already have everything you need to be healthy and whole at your disposal. You just need to sort through your options wisely.

By keeping your body’s best interest in mind, you will necessarily shape your diet into a more holistic collection of foods. You’ll remember to drink plenty of water because your body needs it to have a good digestion and clear out toxins. You’ll lay off synthetic beverages and sweets and instead choose to get your kick of sweetness from fruit, giving your body the extra fiber it needs. You’ll eat your vegetables raw and not processed to make sure nothing gets lost between the farm and your hand. When it comes to food, nature is definitely wisest.

Natural and organic products ensure that all the energy that goes into growing your food, all the nutrients and properties, pass directly into your body, healing it and avoiding all those chemicals that don’t really need to be there, like pesticides, antibiotics and artificial hormones.

Does this mean holistic nutrition is bland and boring? Not at all! On the contrary, holistic nutrition incorporates more color, new aromas and flavor into your meals while staying healthy and balanced. It’s a matter of making conscious choices and replacing harmful products with better, more natural and organic options.

With the current pace of life, it’s no wonder we’ve neglected nutrition in favor of practicality, but the results have been devastating. Everything is on-the-go, done in a minute so we can move on to the next thing. We’ve forgotten that food is what fuels our bodies. It is important and it must be honored.

A lot of what goes wrong with our bodies today can be prevented or fixed by keeping a healthier diet, one that harmonizes better with our needs and the needs of the ecosystem that sustains us. It is amazing what holistic nutrition can do for your health and how much of a healing power food truly has. So instead of wasting all that potential, let’s start living a healthier life, one filled with more gratitude, natural products and conscious choices.


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