General questions about Miller's Organic Farm, Our Products, and the Ordering System



The precious foods available from Miller's Organic Farm in Pennsylvania are for PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY.

Alternatively, check out the REAL MILK website to find a farm closest to you.

General questions:


Sign up for the PRICE LIST, and the PDF price list will be emailed to you immediately (opt-out of the newsletter anytime). The prices are comparable to organic food costs at your grocery store, but much better quality, of course. Our prices are excellent considering the extreme care under which the animals are maintained and how rare it is to find a family farm that uses traditional farming practices.

It's important to know that our high quality animal farm food is 2-10 times more nutrient rich than conventional grocery store food. So if you really think about the value you get with every bite, it is a tremendously good deal!

Once your Club Application Form is approved, your online account will be activated to view pricing. Here is an idea of popular items below.


Yes, but If you are an existing member with Miller's Organic Farm, then you will not be charged again this fee.

A $24.95 platform renewal fee billed automatically every year thereafter.


When you place an order, an estimate of your shipping fee will be provided by the system. The final price may vary depending on the weight and shipping speed, GROUND vs EXPRESS.

Once the package gets picked up by FedEx/UPS, the exact shipping fee will be added to your total.


If you forgot items... place a WHOLE NEW ORDER including EVERYTHING you want.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select the "REORDER" link on your most recent order.
  3. "EDIT" your cart to add/remove items.
  4. Check-out again.

We will cancel your first order and process your most recent one. You will receive a cancellation email for the original order


The email you receive after placing your online order is only an estimate, not a final invoice.

The reason your final invoice (paper invoice in your food box) shows different prices than your online order estimate, is because the meat and dairy products come packaged at different weights, and the exact poundage you ordered was not available. So the next closest weight package was used.

For example, if you order 1 pound of cheese, your actual cheese weight may be 1.34 pounds, thus your price will be adjusted accordingly. (See the exact weight on your cheese or meat package).

Keep in mind that most meat or chicken comes in packages weighing at least 2 pounds. So if you ordered 1 pound of any item, expect to receive at least 2 and an adjusted invoice.

Food questions


The milk lasts about 2 weeks in glass (less in plastic). Yet, once it sours, it's really not bad if you like buttermilk or yogurt. Unlike pasteurized milk which spoils and will make you sick if you drink it, raw milk simply "sours" and some people enjoy drinking it this way. It's similar to the taste of yogurt, sour cream, and kefir.

The butter lasts for 2 weeks refrigerated and for a couple months if frozen. I recommend you freeze any amount you won't use within 1-2 weeks, and thaw out whatever portion you need for the week in the refrigerator. This way you always have fresh tasting butter.


Yes, in plastic bottles or after transferring the milk from the glass bottle to smaller/stronger glass jars or pyrex. The glass bottle has shattered on a few people. Before freezing, make sure you first shake up the milk really well so the butterfat at top blends with the milk. Then loosen the cap and allow room for expansion of the milk so that the bottle does not explode.


No, it keeps quite well when frozen. Little to no loss of enzyme or immune enhancing compounds was found. But some loss of vitamin C occurs when stored for several months. This is based on the research done on frozen breastmilk.


Food from this farm is very safe and of EXCELLENT quality. This is because great care is put into raising the animals and packaging the food. It is far safer to consume foods from a small farm that controls every aspect of the animals and food production process, than it is to get food from huge factory farms that raise millions of animals and ship out enormous volumes of food daily. Huge factory farms simply can't give the kind of quality care to each of their animals and production process.

Please read this article on SAFETY OF RAW MILK by Ted Beals, MD presented at the Third International Raw Milk Symposium, May 7, 2011. Dr. Beals disputes the FDA stance that raw milk is inherently dangerous to consume. His independent research on foodborne illness outbreaks combined with the government's own statistics on consumption show that Americans are 35,000 times more likely to get sick from other foods, than from farm fresh dairy. Read his presentation about Raw Milk Pathogens here on the website.

April 8, 2013: Read Weston A. Price Foundation's press release and rebuttal on raw milk safety after a flawed study by the CDC.

Also, here is data which shows that, each year, more people get sick from drinking pasteurized milk than from drinking raw milk. Read more here.

There is never a 100% food safety guarantee, regardless, of what you eat or from where it's obtained. Even non-animal vegan foods (spinach and melon) have been subject to terrible contamination issues and food born illness which have been far worse than recalls from animal foods. But, by getting your food from a source you know and trust such as a small family farm, or a local farmers market, your chances of contamination are greatly decreased. If possible, visit the farm who produces the food. If they don't allow visitors, then you should be suspicious.

As a side not, please read this article on food poisoning from non-animal foods like soy which have been the subject of the biggest food contamination recalls in history. Media has put an unfair bias against raw milk when it comes to food safety issues, and it's important that consumers see the real facts about how few people, if any, have fallen ill after consuming it over the last 10 years.


Yes, you can safely re-freeze the meat as long as it is still cold (under 40 degrees). The USDA website explains that bacterial growth occurs when meat gets to room temperature or warmer. If it is still cold (as in refrigerator temp), you can safely re-freeze it.


No, this fresh milk does not need to be boiled. It has been made with special care specifically for raw consumption. Boiling destroys the living enzymes which aid digestion and beneficial bacteria within the milk, thus destroying the benefits of this fresh milk. That being said, if you still feel uncomfortable serving this fresh milk to your child, then you may boil the milk and at least it will still contain vitamins A, D, K2, and CLA since it's from 100 % pasture-raised grassfed cows. However, it will be harder to digest and is not ideal for those with lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivity.


All meats and chicken arrive to you FROZEN in vacuum sealed bag unless you specifically request to receive "fresh" meat during your online checkout comments.


Based on prices at Whole Foods and other online retailers for grass-fed food (which is often just partially grassfed if at all), the Miller's Farm prices are quite reasonable, even for 1 person. We've even heard members tell us that some of Miller's prices are equal to what they find at the store for mediocre quality items (i.e. conventional vs Miller's pastured ground lamb).

Switching to grassfed beef and poultry and consuming raw animal dairy and fats, will fill you fill up much faster and on 1/3 less food. So although you could be paying more per pound, you will need to eat less and feel satiated. The bone broths are also a great way to help your meals go further. Make soups and beef stews with the Miller's bone broths which are for sale at a great price.

Soon, you will also notice your immune systems are working better. The quality of the fuel you put into your body will cause dramatic and positive changes to the way you feel!


You MUST write "NO SUBSTITUTES" in ALL CAPS on your checkout order comments if you do not want the farmer to substitute what you've ordered for something similar. (i.e. salted instead of unsalted cheese, or Country Bacon instead of Cured Bacon, etc.).


By default, all meats come frozen unless you specifically request them to be "FRESH- NOT FROZEN MEAT" on the checkout "Order Comments" box. All meat is frozen immediately, so the frozen meat IS fresh, but if you prefer it non-frozen, just ask and they will keep some aside for you before freezing.